Christmas Favorites

  1.  My Christmas song is “Here comes Santa Clause”  the Artist is Gene Autry. Listen here 
  2. A cookie I look for each year is the Christmas tree cookie
  3.  My favorite Christmas movie is Home alone (the first one) my favorite quote is “KEVIN!!” Watch my Favorite scene here
  4.  My favorite thing to do during Christmas is too get my entire family Christmas presents and see their reaction to what I got them.
  5.  One thing I want for Christmas/Birthday is an indoor basketball hoop so I can practice my free throw skills. Here 
  6. One thing I did today that I loved this year was donating three cereal boxes for the cereal drive and kids in mid vale getting  something to eat for Winter break.
  7. 50 Hilarious Christmas Memes | Bored Panda
  8. I gave a  pillow filled with stuffed animals to my little sister 
  9. Fun fact Santa didn’t always dress up in red clothes
  10. One memory I have of Christmas was were I didn’t have any money so I had to do everybody chores as a “Christmas gift”

Throwback Thursday football edition

This video is about Kyler Murray throwing a hail mary and Deandre Hopkins (copy and paste the Youtube url, also some videos are longer.)

catching it.

This video is about the Arizona Cardnils facing off against the vikings
You can skip ahead to the plays that you want to see.

Next is Deandre Hopkins getting a bunch of touchdowns from a long distance.

This next video are the jets actually being good at football

Next is a bunch of teams getting touchdowns

This clip is about the arizona cardnils intercepting the ball

The last clip is Tom brady throwing the ball

My dream bedroom

My Dream bedroom would be so cool

It would be space and modern themed

The first must have needs to be a planet  lamp

This is cool because it’s wireless first off

Next you can change the color of the lamp

Lastly it comes with a remote where you can change the color and how fast it changes.

Next must have is white bed sheets

I think you need white bed sheets because it looks very good

It also looks modern

And last but not least It goes with a lot of rooms

(the link is for queen sized beds)

Lastly it would be an Alexa

Alexa is better at listening than siri

Alexa also is a alarm so no more using your phone.

Lastly you could ask Alexa anything.

Guest blog -Tony (write about anything)

Hey everyone i’m Tony! Im excited to write in #Stars. In this blog I was thing I would write about my favorite video game, wich is Friday Night Funkin.

Friday Night Funkin’ is an open-source donationware rhythm game first released in 2020 for a game jam. So basically you use the arow keys to hit the music notes. You would think that would be easy but trust me its not. The game is very fun to play especialy the mods. Diffrent  music and diffrent characters from diffrent games.

But ya its really fun and you try it out!


here is de link 

Personality quiz

Hey uh personality quiz, ok so first off I’m going to do ice cream. Ok so I got vanilla a pretty basic flavor.

Next I’m going to do a shark quiz let’s see what I get. Ok I got a chain catshark.

Ok the last one I’m going to take is what planet I would be.  Ok the last one I am is saturn.

Hope you enjoyed Good bye.

Grunkle stan autobiography

Grunkle stan is one of the main characters in  gravity falls but do you know what his life story is? He was born in glass shard beach and lived there all the way until high school. But after ruining his brothers invention he was banished from his house to find a place to live.  Grunkle stan was banned from most of the states in the Usa for fraud or false advertising. Eventually his brother told him to go to Oregon, and told him to hide the book he was writing in . He get’s mad at his brother and they then get into a fight, until eventually his brother is accidentally sucked through a portal. Grunkle stan goes to a gas station, and finds new success because people think he is his brother. He lives through this new found success until eventually he reunites with his brother and do there childhood dream.


Steven Universe - Stan Pines.png

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